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About The Vibe Coffeehouse

The Vibe Coffeehouse Inc is a nonprofit organization showcasing the best of local Christian artists of all genres.

The coffeehouse is held at various locations in the Greater Boston area. Join our mailing list to get updates.

Enjoy the warm atmosphere of friendly people, good music,  performers and artwork, plus hot coffee or tea, and delicious goodies. The Vibe Coffeehouse showcases are held the second Saturday of every other month at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Cover charge is $5 per person. Refreshments, desserts and Signature Drink available for sale. On some occasions, such as fundraiser events, we will sell tickets.

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At the Vibe Coffeehouse, you can find some of the best Christian artists in the greater Boston area share their giftedness in a relaxed setting. The variety of gifts include singing, music, drama/theater presentations, dance, spoken word, visual arts & crafts exhibits, and more. Occasionally, we also host special concerts.



Specialty juices. refreshments and desserts are available for purchase. 



The Coffeehouse is staffed and run by volunteers.



The Vibe Coffeehouse would not be possible without the generous support of our Friends. We especially acknowledge the support of the congregation of Second Church in Dorchester, and their pastor, Rev. Dr. Victor Price in providing space when we got started. 

We gratefully accept all donations. You may donate here. Sponsors are welcome. Please contact us at


Bring a friend, and tell another! We hope to see you soon!




FAQS  Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about The Vibe Coffeehouse


What is the cost? 

This is a non-profit ministry with a purpose to showcase Christian talent in the Greater Boston area. There is a cover charge of $10 per person. Refreshments, desserts and Signature Drink are available for sale. We do ask for donations and at times may have items for sale to support the coffeehouse. We also ask that you take the opportunity to support our Artists by purchasing their CDs or other merchandise.


Why do I have to register for a ticket?

Registering for tickets helps us anticipate how many people plan to attend when their is limited seai. In most cases you may pay at the door.


What's the dress code? 

Casual dress. This is your night out, be comfortable! Jeans are just fine or dress up if you wish. There may be special occasions where we may specify a specific dress code.


Is there smoking?

We are a non-smoking facility. 


Do you have food?

Light refreshments, specialty juices and desserts are available for purchase. On some occasions we may have a full meal. No alcohol is served.


How do I volunteer?

The Vibe Coffeehouse is run by Volunteers. Let us know if you want to help out with setting up and taking down the tables and chairs, or working with the hospitality group to make the coffee and set up the food tables. There are many opportunities to help. Email us at


Can my band play there?

We invite one act to be the featured performer each night, not only singers but also actors, dancers, etc. In addition we have Local Spotlight performers (opening acts) and Open Mic. See our booking page for instructions. 


I am not a singer or musician but I am talented in other ways. How can I showcase my work at The Vibe Coffeehouse?

So glad you asked! We have opportunities for visual artists to exhibit their work and other types of performers. Please fill out the booking form.


How do I become a Local Spotlight Performer, aka Opening Act?​

A spotlight performer goes on as a preshow to the Featured Performer. You must play your own instrument or have an accompanist, and be fairly good at your art. Spotlight performers do not get paid but are allowed to sell their merchandise. Please fill out the booking form.


How do I get to Perform at the Open Mic?

If you are a Singer Songwriter, Poet, Musician, Comedian, Author, Storyteller, or other performer, here is your opportunity to shine. Every month we have about 3 Open Mic slots. You will be assigned a number and throughout the night we randomly pull a number to see who gets to perform. The earlier you arrive the higher your chance of playing/performing. 


How do I contribute to supporting the Vibe Coffeehouse? ​

You can donate at the coffeehouse, online or mail us a check. There is a donate button at the bottom of every page or click here.

You can also donate items for our Gate Prize giveaways. If you have a Gift that you would like to contribute just send an email. It's a good way to promote your service or business and support local artists.

* “Contributions or gifts to The Vibe Coffeehouse are tax deductible.”

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