Beth Restrick paining an elephant

Visual Storytelling ~ a Gallery Experience 

Saturday, June 11th, 6pm - 8pm

Epiphany School, 230 Centre St, Dorchester, MA

Beth Restrick, artist, “Glimpses of Africa”

Gather to meet the artist, view the artwork, hear stories of favorite places, enjoy interactive fun, refreshments and music.

Tickets: $5 cover charge

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About the Artist

BETH RESTRICK was born in America, but at the age of five, her family moved to South Africa where her parents served as career missionaries. Her childhood was filled with long, sunny days of roaming the bush with her African friends, climbing trees, chasing goats, and generally getting into whatever mischief they could.
Some of her fondest memories are the many trips they took to Kruger National Park. She was in awe of the majestic creatures they saw there and her fascination and love for the park and its animals have become an integral part of who she is.
After their time in South Africa, they were assigned to Mozambique, where she learned Portuguese, made dear friends, and grew to love the people and country.
When the time came to return to the USA for college, it was a difficult transition, leaving so many of her friends and what she knew and loved behind. 
She has been drawing and painting ever since she could hold a pencil, but being far from home, her art took on new significance. At the time, it became a way for her to express her love and homesickness for Africa and to share it with others.
She remarks, “I have always considered my artwork as a gift to me from God --freely given.  As such, I see my artwork as a means of ministry and God has been able to use it in ways I could have never imagined!”


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